Friday, January 31, 2014

FO Friday: A bowlful of cereal and some cartoons

I'm still waiting for the time when I think to myself, 'Yup, I'm an adult.'  Well, first of all, I probably shouldn't be starting any sentences with 'yup' as an adult.  But I also don't think it's really a state of mind that I'll ever accept for myself.  As mature and downright boring as I can often be, there's also a strong streak of childlike whimsy that runs through everything I do.  And that most definitely includes these two FOs.

First, the much-anticipated shawl, which I knit one and a half times due to an asymmetrical pattern error:

These are the shots from the pretty nature staging, but here's the less artistic inspiration which is the project's namesake:

I love how bright the rainbow colors are on this shawl, and also how the flecks of white kind of remind me of the frosted effect of the sugary cereal.  I'm relieved that this is finally done, because the colorway really does make me smile, even though having to redo half of it didn't.

Next up, if we have cereal, then we might as well watch some cartoons.  But here's one you might not have seen before:

Krtek the mole is a beloved children's character around the world, translated into dozens of languages.  But he is originally Czech, and I grew up with a few Krtek storybooks, so he's near and dear to my heart.  I was perusing the favorite patterns of my spoilee for a new, long-term, swap when I saw this, so I immediately wanted to try it.  And here it is, modeled by Krtek himself:

The pattern is for a scarf, but I shortened it to a cowl to make it a very quick knit.  Another alteration I made was that when I was turning the short rows for the texture I wrapped, which gives more of a cobblestone effect than the original.  However, it also eliminates the de facto buttonholes that unwrapped short rows created, so I also made an i-cord and sewed that onto the edge.  I love the buttons, I think they match perfectly.

Are you more of an adult or a child when you craft?  For more FOs this Friday, go to Tami's Amis.

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  1. Such interesting and colorful projects - I was disappointed to see that the Knit Picks yarn for your Froot Loopy shawl has been discontinued - that looks like a really nice shawl!