Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Looks like it's back to Norman...

After at least one 'morning' when I didn't get out of bed until after noon, I can't say that I was happy to hear my alarm ringing bright and early on Monday morning.  But it's not a vacation unless it ends and you go back to work.  And I know I'm not the only one feeling the 'shock' as my dad calls it of returning.  Everyone has that same wistful tone in their voice as they answer the requisite question of the week: How was your break?

So it's back to the hustle and bustle of the work week.  But it's not all evil alarms forcing me out of bed and disturbing the cat in her continued slumber.  Wednesday holds some good routines, like the weekly coffee klatch, which brought another successful recipe I'll be sharing soon.  It also gave me enough crafting time to do a few more rows of my shawl, slowly making my way back to where I was before I discovered its fatal asynchrony.  Other than that, I've been doing some non-knitting crafting for my Jane Austen swap.  One project involves committing a cardinal sin and deconstructing a book, while the other involved a lot of blanket stitching, but was not, in fact, a blanket.  Tantalizing hints, I hope, to keep you in suspense for the big reveal sometime in February, when packages go out.

I was also kind of looking forward to running on the treadmill again.  While at home, I was either on the road or on the elliptical, and I kind of missed the compromise that is the treadmill.  It was a little annoying, though, to finally reach the standard time limit of 100 minutes and have to restart my workout in order to reach my designated 9 miles.  Oh well, at least I maintained my skill at reading magazines while running over the break.  I'm tempted to try knitting and running, but, um, how about after the marathon?  Yeah, definitely after.

Another relatively recent edition to the work routine has been dinner with Dad on Wednesdays after my workout.  This became a habit in the past few months, and it's nice to count on a little face-to-face time no matter what else the week may hold.  Today we again went to Tarka, as the two of us are the only ones who seem to like Indian food.  Mmm…I won't say that Channa Masala has completely replaced my beloved Kerbey Lane pancakes, but it's perhaps slightly less incongruous with the very healthy way I spend the hour or two before dinner to eat a curried mix of veggies than to have a stack of banana bacon pancakes with peanut butter sauce pancakes.  (Proof: despite not going to Kerbey Lane Cafe, I did check their Facebook page to find out that these Elvis pancakes are the pancake of the week.)

I hope those of you who are also returning to your regular working lives are not in too much shock and that there are some good things to return to as well as the mundane minutiae of office life.  For more WIP Wednesday posts, go to Tami's Amis.

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