Saturday, December 29, 2012

Froyo files: Yogurt Spot (Katy)

On our way to Houston, we stopped in Katy to meet some Ravellers at a yarn store.  So lets see, there were friends, there was fiber, what else could we need?  Well, some frozen yogurt never goes amiss!

Yogurt Spot: 20920 Katy Freeway  Katy, TX 77449

When I visited: Thursday, December 20th, around 1 pm

Cost per ounce: 43 cents

Number of flavors: 12

Sorbet options: 1

Experience: There were a few options for frozen yogurt while visiting a Raveler on the way into Houston, but because we know we love the flavors at the Yogurt Spot in Austin, we decided to go there.  I won't lie, I was very swayed when I read on their Facebook page that they had Tiki Taro, because I am in love with that flavor.

And it turns out it was a good thing that we knew and loved the flavors, because apparently this location has the same policy as all Orange Leafs do, which is to have the cashier pull the samples for you.  I won't rant again about how to me that means that logically they should have the cashier swirling everything, the same way ice cream gets scooped behind the counter, but you can get a tasting spoonful.  In a related note, you also have to ask the cashier to unlock the bathroom, so I guess they just really want to keep track of all of their amenities.

Because we already know Yogurt Spot is worth the ounces, we stayed and got what we knew we liked.  I also tried the seasonal Gingerbread flavor, which was good, but couldn't outrank Tiki Taro, Strawberry Fields, and Pomegranate Raspberry.
I think Mom essentially did the same, except she has Blueberry instead of Taro to complete her fruit-topped trio.  Our fellow Ravelers got the Chocolate and Peppermint, which they said was nice, not too minty.

Worth a revisit? I prefer to swirl my own samples, but for those in the Houston area, this is good quality for a good price.

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