Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry craftmas, and a happy knit year!

I hope everyone is enjoying today, whether you are doing so as Christmas Day or just another Tuesday.  In the spirit of the holidays, I wanted to thank everyone reading this blog.  In particular, I want to say thanks to all of the crafters out there who may be wondering when I'm really going to put the 'knit' in knitlit twit.  I feel a little guilty about not being either knit or lit enough all of the time.  Soon I shall flood you with some of my holiday projects, I promise, and I am resolved to do more selfish knitting in 2013 that I don't need to keep secret from spoilees and can thus post madly about.

In the meantime, I want to keep all of the crafters occupied with a little cheer I found on Ravelry today. Designer Tin Can Knits is giving away a free pattern until January 1st, all you have to do is browse through the patterns on Ravelry, and when you find the one you want in your stocking the most, add it to your cart and use the code SHARETHELOVE to check out for free.

Here's what the very generous designer has to say:
But before you begin the (pleasurable) process of choosing your gift, please take a second to do one thing for me - SHARE THE LOVE by forwarding this email to your friends, knitting group buddies, and favourite yarn shop owner - so they too can choose a gift and check out our fun-to-knit seamless designs in sizes from baby to grandpa!
Personally, I had to have Rosebud, because I love lacy shawls, while my mother couldn't resist the cables of Drift.  What will you choose?

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