Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Froyo files: Josie's Yogurt (Kyle)

You would think that after two days of fiber and froyo, I would have had my fill.  But no.  The very next day we needed to make a grocery stop, and it only made sense to try and fit in some frozen yogurt from somewhere we hadn't tried yet.  It's taken me a while to get around to blog about it, but here it goes.

Josie's Yogurt: 5401 Farm to Market 1626, Kyle, TX 78640

When I visited: Sunday, October 8th, around 1 pm

Cost per ounce: 42 cents

Number of flavors: 14

Sorbet options: 1

Nutritionals provided: Online

Experience: I really wanted to like this one more than I did.  Being right next door to an HEB, it would be so convenient as a snack stop either before or after grocery shopping.  There are a good number of options, and they had some sugar-free or Stevia flavors, always good for those of us counting calories.

The problem is, the flavors just didn't measure up, especially coming so soon after top performers like Chill Out (San Antonio) and The Yogurt Spot.  One particular flavor sweetened with Stevia, the Pecan Pie, just tasted weird.  That's the risk with fake diet ingredients, though.  The Strawberry was okay, but more on the creamy side than the fruity side.  Similarly, the Mango sorbet was good enough, but paled in comparison to the sorbets we had already eaten in the two days prior.  I quite liked the Dark Chocolate, though.  And I thought Green Tea was interesting

Overall, the flavors just weren't as strong as Mom and I like them to be.  So while we were still able to find things to swirl with some fruit, it was obvious our cups weren't nearly as full as they had been on the Crawl.

Worth a revisit? Maybe, but I think I would rather hop over to the other side of the street and go to Chill Out.

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