Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gone Tokyoin'

This past week or so has been a busy haze of finishing swap packages, starting swap packages, crawling for yarn, working, and then...preparing for my trip to Tokyo.

I know!  I've kind of sprung this onto you, blog readers, sorry.  I'm starting the day-long journey of flights tomorrow morning, and will return just in time to be a jet lagged zombie for Halloween.  That gives me nearly two weeks in a wondrous city of wonder.

It also gives me mere hours to finish packing.  It's amazing how the things you need start adding up, the more you pack, the more you need to pack.  I'm trying to stop myself at one knitting project, because I know you always think you'll knit more than you actually end up being able to.  I was unable, however, to bring fewer than three books.  I'm weak.

I plan to take many pictures and return with many stories to share of foods, fiber, and other fantasticness.  In the meantime, enjoy an extra few moments in your lives while I am unable to post regularly.  See you in November!

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow, Tokyo! How can you only take one project?! I'd panic. Have a great time!