Friday, October 12, 2012

How I Crawled: day one

I just posted a slideshow to Examiner with pics of everything I took home from the Crawl from each store, including the free gifts.  Click the link to see the pics, but I'm going to break it down here as well, at least the stuff I bought.

So, on day one:

  • Nan's Needleworks: I really love the hand-dyed Stotts Ranch yarns here, but I held myself back from starting off with anything too expensive, and instead got a skein of color-shifting fingering weight.  It's called Nordlys, reminds me of Knit Picks Chroma.
  • The Tinsmith's Wife: This place is so dangerous, they have such beautiful stuff from a lot of independent dyers.  I ended up with an absolutely gorgeous skein of Miss Babs, I couldn't resist the colors mixing with the shades of gray.
  • Yarnivore: Another fingering weight yarn to try, this time a Regia Hand Dye Effects in purple.
  • Lucky Ewe: Alert! Alert! Alert! This is where all plans of budgeting reasonableness completely disappeared in the face of fiber. Vice Yarn is done by a woman in Houston, and she was there with a trunk show.  I couldn't resist these skeins: a sparkly rainbow, black with bright color patches, and two color ways dyed especially for the Crawl.  And then I also got some pink and yellow fiber for spinning.  Because I was already going crazy.
  • Old Oaks Ranch: Brooks Farm had a trunk show here, so I got a skein of fingering weight that should make a really pretty shawl.
  • The Knitting Nest: At the end of a long and yarn day, I ended up getting buttons here, including a set that I think will go great with a cardigan I've had planned for years now.  Actually, it's not just been planned, I knit about an inch of it a while ago and just never got any further.  But now I have the buttons, so I have to finish, right?
And, of course, we stopped at Chill Out in San Antonio for frozen yogurt.  Dulce De Leche with Pumpkin and Pomegranate Raspberry?  It was like the most decadent layered fall dessert.  In fact, I think I'll blame the froyo high for the yarn explosion at Lucky Ewe.  Yes, that's it.  All the froyo's fault.


  1. The Tinsmith's Wife buys patterns from me. How cool you were there,

    1. That is very cool! I love Tinsmith's, they stock pretty much my dream inventory, plus they have some very friendly cats roaming the little house as well!