Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Countdown to the Crawl: T-minus 3 days

I'm looking forward to visiting ten different yarn stores over the course of two days, but yesterday it was a former Crawl spot that was on my mind.

For the past few months The Yarn Barn in San Antonio has been in the process of closing up shop, with clearance sales and goodbye shopping trips.  But then I found out that the Yarn Barn has been saved!  Huzzah!  Someone bought it and will be ordering more stock soon, so it's staying open and keeping San Antonio just as fiber-ful as it ever was.  It would probably stretch our timeline, and probably raise questions of sanity, for us to visit during the Crawl, but I'm sure we'll be down there again sometime, and we'll be welcoming the store back from the brink.

What I have to focus on are the two stores I've never been to before: Happy Ewe and Lucky Ewe.  Happy Ewe is up in Jonestown, out of my normal yarn range, but Lucky Ewe is in New Braunfels, not too far from Old Oaks Ranch.  It only opened up a few months ago, and my excuse for not going earlier is that I found out it would be on the Crawl and figured we'd get introduced then.

So I survived a Tuesday full of mornings, just two more work days until yarns galore.  And the tune of the day for yarn stores is: make new friends, but keep the old, we're all friends wherever yarn is sold!

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