Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Group of death, Twist of Death

Anyone else been watching all of the World Cup matches?  I'm loving it.  And like most things I love, it's made even better by sharing it with people on Ravelry.  A group of us are just chatting away and sharing the projects we're knitting while the players run up and down the pitch.

I actually finished my colorful shawl over the weekend, and I also blocked my bow (stay tuned for those this Friday), so I decided to be a little crazy and cast on another garment with inset sleeves with the vague goal of trying to finish it before the end of the tournament.  That's why I'm calling it the Twist of Death.

The pattern, Twist Pullover, was featured on the cover of knit.wear a few issues ago, and was knit in yarn from one of Austin's own local dyers, so it was on my radar for quite some time.  Nearly two years, but whose counting?  I bought the yarn, in the same colorway in fact, in the Yarn Crawl last year.  After digging around the house for a while to rediscover the magazine, I went to the extreme lengths of, gasp, swatching:
I got the stitch gauge, but not the rows, so I'm just going to have to fudge those.  I've cast on 292 stitches and knit the first few rows, but I'm not sure what my chances are of actually finishing this before the final goal of the World Cup.  As guaranteed as the Netherlands advancing, or as impossible as Spain, or somewhere in between?

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  1. Oh my goodness! This pattern is amazing! I'm super in love!