Saturday, June 14, 2014

Inspiration Saturday: 380 meters of DK

For the long-term swap that I'm in, we often chat in Ravelry, asking questions both general (what's your favorite animal?) and specific but theoretical.  Like, 'What would you like knit for you out of 380 meters of DK yarn?'  Tasked with finding the answer to this query, I did one of the always-dangerous browsing searches on Ravelry patterns.

Here are just a few correct solutions to the equation:

Knitting + DK weight yarn + 0-380 meters =

Photo credit: sweetp
I like the texture of this cable-that-isn't-a-cable, it gives interest to office mitts that look warm but not bulky.  I know it sounds ridiculous, but I most definitely need mitts for my office.  I've never experienced claustrophobia, but earlier this week I feel as though I went through something like it, but instead of panic due to being trapped in a small space, it was panic due to being trapped in a cold space.  So really these are medical mitts.

Photo credit: The Woolly Brew
Breezy is the word that comes to mind with this shawl.  Good for keeping around in the summer when the outside is burning up but the inside could be a bit chilly.  This way you have something for your neck that's pretty without looking like you've got a touch of heat stroke madness and think you are a character from 'Dr Zhivago'.

Photo credit: Diana Rozenshteyn
I just think this looks so pretty, I can't think of anything else to say about it.  Pretty.

Photo credit: Amy Vincent Photography
Again, the honeycomb texture looks interesting and insulating without bulk.  Also, I love honey.  Especially when stirred into some plain Greek yogurt for breakfast before walking down to the beach in Kefalonia...but there might be a cumulative effect of the awesomeness of being on a Greek island that the bees can't take credit for.

Photo credit: Alana Braedley
With the way the rib goes around these mitts, they just look like they would fit really nicely.  Otherwise, they are just the kind of simple knit that makes me wonder about perhaps using a crazy variegated yarn, just because you can.

Photo credit: stitchnerd
Recently I've been drawn to the look of the long cowls that can be twisted and worn doubled over.  And this one has an interesting stitch to it.

Photo credit: Lori Owen. Stitchy Love Thing 2013
Since going to yoga seems to be my new Wednesday fitness class of choice, it would be nice to have some yoga socks.  They are meant to keep your feet warm while leaving your toes and heels free to grip the floor so you don't slide ungracefully out of your downward dog.  Worth a try!

And of course these are just a few of the patterns I found myself clicking and imagining either knitting for myself or receiving in the swap.  Could I decide what to tell them in the swap thread?  No, not really.  But they know me, so they understand:
Haha Decisive Joanna is Decisive! :D
What would you ask for out of 380 meters of DK in a swap?  For more inspiration, go to Woolen Diversions.

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  1. Super digging the first set of mitts and the first summery shawl! Thanks for the knitspo!