Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday: March really is quite mad

I cannot believe that February has come and gone.  I don't know if it was looking forward to a few highly anticipated events (marathon, birthday, Phoenix trip, etc.) that made the month fly by, or if perhaps that extra 48-72 hours every other month has makes all of the difference, but it's time to accept the preposterous fact that it is now March.  Madness!

I think the parodies of March Madness are actually more popular, and certainly more fun, than the actual madness of collegiate basketball.  Basketball remains one of the sports that I keep on the outskirts of following, even in the pros, where I'm still a little traumatized after rooting hard for the San Antonio Spurs in last year's ill-fated championships.

So I prefer things like Jezebel's Cake vs. Pie tournament from a few years ago.  Democracy and desserts, what could be better?  Though I remember some heated debate around who could claim cheesecake and who got Boston Creme Pie.  And now there's the PBS vs NPR Public Media Madness, which is has already forced me to make some really difficult choices.  Sorry, David Attenborough, but Bob Ross' happy little trees gave him the edge.  And I love Robert Siegel, but I have a nerdy fan thing going on with Kai Ryssdal.  I have compared Kai being 'my' Marketplace host with David Tennant being 'my' Doctor.  I know, I'm such a nerd.  I'm sure that as the rounds go on the decisions will only get more difficult.  Is there anyone I would choose over Mister Rogers, though?  I don't know.

I'll use Mister Rogers and his cardigans as a segue into the knitting portion of this post: I finished my socks!  Yay!  So I'll have to do a little photo shoot with those for Friday.  Unlike the marathon, which I'm thinking is a once-in-a-lifetime achievement (half marathons should be enough for me from now on), I don't think this will be my one and only pair of socks.  I don't know which ones I might make next, but more socks will also be on my to-knit list.

What I have actually been knitting this week, after finishing up the socks, has been one of my long-term WIPs, the Up for Anything Cami:

This picture is actually from the last time I worked on it a few months ago, but it doesn't look much different, just a few inches longer.  I still love how easy the stitch is for mindless knitting and how it creates a texture that perfectly handles the crazy colors of the yarn.  I'm really hoping to carry some momentum and just finish this up before setting it aside for another project that I have yarn being delivered for.

Because I just didn't have enough yarn already.

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  1. The stitch in that cami is similar to ones in a sock pattern and a scarf pattern I'm thinking of starting. And yay for socks!