Monday, March 10, 2014

Splendidly SXSW

There are a growing number of events that draw crowds to Austin these days.  The Formula One racetrack, for example, has earned us our own direct flight to London Heathrow Airport.  And currently South by Southwest, or SXSW, has all kinds of celebrities and their adoring masses gracing us with their presence.  For these kinds of things, I usually try to avoid the chaos that comes with so many people and so little infrastructure to deal with them.

But when SXSW is the means for bringing a delectable frozen dairy treat from Columbus all the way to Austin, I have to brave the hipster hoards.  It must be so, because Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream has come to town!

I think I first heard about Jeni's on one of those Food Network shows where they tell us their favorite whatever and we get to feel both jealous and hungry.  I guess I'm a glutton for punishment, because I signed up to get their emails, and since then I've been craving some of their sweet Ohio genius.  Unfortunately, Texas is not one of the handful of states with a scoop shop.  There were two smaller grocery stores listed as carrying their pints, but I hadn't indulged myself yet, although I had been inspired by some of their flavors.

Last weekend they were a part of Southbites, a collection of food trucks huddled together off of Cesar Chavez.  Sure, it was a little chilly and rainy, but there was ice cream to be had.

And it was delicious.  A triple scoop of Lemon Blueberry for Mom, which she declared to possibly be the best ice cream she's ever had.  I split my double scoop between one of Milk Chocolate and one of Brown Butter Almond Brittle.  I will have dreams about that ice cream.  It was so good that when we discovered on the drive home that they now sell their pints in Whole Foods, we had to make a pit stop to grab some Brambleberry Crisp.  Brace yourselves for the delicious, delicious jealousy:

If you're in Austin, Jeni's will be at Southbites until the end of Saturday, along with some other events, check their schedule.  You will not be sorry.  Or, more accurately, you won't be sorry until your bowl is empty and you realize they live in Ohio.

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