Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Can you hear me now?

Yesterday I challenged myself in two notable ways.  First, I went to my first group exercise class since my marathon training started impeding on my time way back near the tail end of last year.  It was a 'power half-hour' of squats, lunges, and other full-body strength exercises.  I survived, but I am feeling so sore today.  I tried not to audibly groan whenever I got up from my desk.

Speaking of groaning, the other challenge yesterday was a visit to my cell phone carrier.  Nothing went particularly wrong, but dealing with this kind of stuff is always kind of torturous.  We were adding a line because my mom is making the leap from her non-smart phone that she doesn't even text on to one of my passed-down iPhones.  She's also switching carriers because it just made more sense to join into a family plan than to each have individual ones.

She's very trepidatious about the iPhone, because she really only wants it to be a phone, but it doesn't really seem to be an option to go smart-less these days, so she's getting 1 GB of data that she doesn't really plan to use.  I'm hoping the transition to the touch screen and all of that won't be too traumatic.  She uses her iPad all the time, but is adamant that she just wants a phone to make phone calls, nothing else.  We'll see how it goes.

At least my knitting hasn't elicited any groans this week.  My Affection-ite Color Affection shawl progress is slow and steady.  The rows are starting to get long enough that I have to think about whether I have enough time to finish a row before I get started, because when I'm knitting straight I prefer not to stop in the middle.  And all of the stitches are started to get scrunched on my needles:

My cable is slightly shorter than recommended, and I might at some point bite the bullet and switch it out for the 60-inch one I bought in case I ever decide I want to do magic loop hexipuffs two or three at a time.  Who knows when I'll get around to those hexipuffs, though.  For now, it's all about the soothing garter stitch of this shawl.  I have a few more stripes left in the middle section, and then it's onto the tricolor short rows.

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  1. Loving your color combo! I'm curious about why you don't like to stop in the middle... that's going to get mighty difficult as the shawl grows! Mine came out almost ridiculously long.