Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WIP Wednesday: The labors of Labor Day weekend

Holiday Mondays are the gift that keeps on giving, because after the long weekend, you get a short work week.  I'm so glad it's Wednesday already, and I'm ready for another weekend, so I can keep working on my WIPs and hopefully turn some of them into FOs for you.

I continued to make progress on my crafting while watching tennis and college football over the weekend.  I've added another few inches to the sleeve of my cardigan.  Part of me is ready to get these pieces done and move onto the next phase, but part of me is also just a little scared of the blocking and sewing and picking up stitches for the ruffle and adding beads and generally making something more like a finished garment than I've ever made before.  But mostly I'm ready to get it done.

If I'm really lucky, this weekend as I'm blocking my cardigan I'll also be washing and drying the fifth and final cop in my spinning.  Then I can continue to daydream about getting myself a spinning wheel, having put in the slow yards on a spindle and proven that, yes, this spinning thing is a craft that I'm sticking with.

From that relatively new way of wiling away the hours to an old favorite, I'm really enjoying Jonathan Franzen's 'Freedom'.  Part of the joy of my three-day weekend was having the extra night that I could stay up in bed and keep turning the pages.  I'm now at 414, and I have no idea where the Berglunds are going to end up in the next hundred or so pages.  I'm going to guess that it's not happily ever after.  Because this is not a fairy tale story, there aren't really any heroes.  But each character has moments where I can sympathize with them.  And then they do something stupid and I shake my head into the book as if they could heed my warnings.  All in all, a dollar well-spent at Half Price Books.

Another 'project' I have is a swap that I'm moderating over on Ravelry.  It's called Alphabet Soup, and the idea is that everyone has to theme their packages around a certain letter.  Like, say I was assigned the letter G, I could send Goldfish crackers, green yarn, a Garden Pond get the idea.  I've just spent most of tonight matching people up, assigning them letters, and letting them know the results so that they can start spoiling.  So that's also a work in progress, I think.

Whew, with all of that, no wonder I'm ready for the weekend again!  For more WIP Wednesday posts, go to Tami's Amis.

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