Friday, September 20, 2013

FO Friday: Merry Christmas!

It may be September, but it might as well be Christmas as far as my FOs are concerned.  And not just because I'm as giddy as a good little girl who has dutifully stayed in bed all night and finally sees the sun peaking over the horizon on Christmas morning.  Finished objects, everybody!  This is exciting!

First, my dishcloths for Yarnorama's holiday party:

Notice that I added a little loop for hanging?  That right there is the extent of my crochet skills at this point, but I'm applying them.  I hope they are impressive enough to be 'stolen' once in the dishcloth swap.  I really enjoyed working with the yarn and the pattern, both of which I'd like to use again, if not necessarily for the same project.  A top in this cotton would be lovely, and I'm thinking that a cowl in this stitch would be really pretty.  Maybe with handspun 'bricks'.

And speaking of handspun:

What do these five skeins of handspun merino have to do with Christmas?  They were meant to be a Christmas present for my mother.

Last year.

I'm a slow spinner.  I really need to get a wheel.  And another day in the week might help as well.  But anyway, in a little less than a year (I purchased the fiber during last year's Yarn Crawl), I spun four ounces of two-ply totaling about 530 yards.  My mom was asking me what she should knit with it, but honestly, I have no thoughts on that front.  I was just focused on getting it done.  She's open to suggestions, so if you have any I'll be sure to pass them along.

Ho, ho, ho!  For more FOs, go to Tami's Amis.


  1. Nice dishcloths. I'm impressed that you have started your Christmas knitting; I feel like I have to scramble every year

  2. beautiful job on the handspun. I have been learning to spin this year and am thinking of making cowls now that my handspun yarns are getting better. maybe you mom can make a nice soft cowl with her yarn.