Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIP Wednesday: The needles on the bus go knit, knit, knit

Unfortunately, I didn't get to do any knitting today because I had a surprise meeting scheduled over the top of my coffee klatch time.  I had to send my cookies down with a co-worker to keep everyone's sugar levels at reasonable levels to survive the afternoon.

But fortunately, I did get to do some extra knitting earlier this week.  I had the opportunity to attend a conference in downtown Austin for work, and rather than braving either the traffic or the parking, I decided to take the bus.  I found a route that went from the Southpark Meadows shopping center up Congress.

It may take a little longer than if I had driven myself, but aside from the money and stress savings, the additional time it takes is actually a bonus to me, because I was able to spend it knitting the sleeve of my cardigan.  No shifting gears, no red lights, no crazy commuters putting on their make-up and riding my bumper at the same time.  Just knit one, purl through the back loop, repeat, purl one, knit through the back loop, repeat.

That's right, I'm onto the sleeve, which means I've finished both the left and right front sections.  I pinned them up just to see them closer to their finished shape, rather than rolled up in the project bag and curled up on themselves.  So don't get too excited, this isn't blocking, it's more...staging.

I also went ahead and set the buttons on top, I think they are a great match.  I can't wait to get these sleeves and the rest of this cardigan done so I can wear it.  But if I did it all on a bus, I'd probably be back in New York before it was done.

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  1. Those buttons are a lovely match. looking good!

  2. The flower buttons are adorable. I loved knitting on the bus. It was zen time.

    Molly : )

  3. Yay for commuter knitting! Your cardigan is looking lovely!