Friday, June 28, 2013

FO Friday: A portfolio of purple

I still don't have a knitted FO to show off, but I do have another notebook that the postal service has successfully passed down the chain of command.  The big theme here is purple, because the owner loves it.  So much so that it's part of her Rav name.  I wanted to mix her favorite color with the things I was most enjoying about filling pages so far, and I really like the way this turned out.

I wrote a short story, just a page long, using four of the paint color names as my inspiration and challenge:

More paint chips cover an entire page here, then I wrote a quick little poem and tucked in some Kool-Aid so she could create her own purple:

I haven't done as much collaging as I thought I would in the previous notebooks, it always takes longer than you would think, but I managed a page of it here.  Opposite that is some of my favorite doodling, curlicues.  Can you see the word 'purple' in there?

More inspiration from the paint chips, this one was called 'Plum Good', and I think plums taste best when their in some Czech fruit dumplings, so I included a recipe:

And another recipe, this time for a Lemon-Raspberry Shortbread Tart:

I'm not sure the shade 'Raspberry Tart' falls into the range of purple she likes, but the recipe sounds yummy, so I stretched the color a little.

My next notebook is on its way to me, and the plotting has already begun.  In the meantime, for more FOs this Friday, visit Tami's Amis (I lovelovelove the sock Tami herself has posted in her TARDIS Tart Ombre colorway).

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