Saturday, April 13, 2013

Inspiration Saturday: 'Veronica Mars' Kickstarter Countdown Party

I'm still in a haze of awesomeness today, so my inspiration is going to come from my activities from last night.  As I mentioned several times this week, I backed the 'Veronica Mars' movie campaign on Kickstarter, and last night writer and creator Rob Thomas had a countdown party at the Dog and Duck Pub to celebrate.  Contrary to my natural homebody tendencies, I ventured out.  On a Friday night!  To quote the show:
Wallace: Another big Friday night. You got plans?
Veronica: I don't know. I might take Backup for a run or rent a movie, maybe.
Wallace: Hey, congratulations. You are officially Neptune High's most boring person.
Veronica: Did I mention the movie might be PG-13?
Wallace: Oh, jump back, wild child!
Veronica: What about you, Wallace? Your life still a non-stop Nelly video?
Wallace: Hey, at least I want my life to be a non-stop Nelly video.
My Friday night's usually get exciting in the produce section of HEB if they have pomegranates, or on the off-chance that I get frozen yogurt.  This week, though, it was exciting because I hung out with other VM fans and watched Rob Thomas raise $5.7 million from 91,000+ of us.

Yay!  And I got to meet him:

And then, brace yourselves, blog fans, I got to meet Jason Dohring!  As in Logan.  As in awesome:

It was just too, too cool.  I utterly failed in coming up with anything intelligent to say to either of them, but they were both incredibly nice.  Jason clearly has a lot of experience with adoring throngs of people and handled it really well.  He wasn't even supposed to be there, that was a surprise that brought a lot of happy screams from the crowd.

Sure, basically I spent over two hours standing in a vaguely-formed line that wound through the back porch of the Dog and Duck in order to get to Rob and then Jason.  But it was totally worth it.  Not just for the completely surreal experience of coming into close contact with people whose work I love to watch, but for some of what happened while waiting in that line:

  • I managed to knit one row of my current project.  Or, more accurately, I purled a row, and then decided that it would require a third hand and a little more guaranteed personal space to be able to knit the next row, so I put it away.
  • I got to pet a really cute Corgi that someone brought with them.  That was one well-behaved pooch to be carried around that party and still be willing to take pictures.  I'm almost certain that I'll end up in some kind of documentary footage simply because I'll be in the background of the Corgi's cuteness.
  • And I made a few new Austin friends.  Hopefully we'll meet up again well before the movie gets made.  I like my PJs and sofa time, but being social is fun sometimes too.
You may have noticed my cardigan in the photos above.  For this special occasion, I thought it was worth donning the Blackberry Cabled Cardigan which my mother made for me.  To make up for the lack of knitting in this post otherwise, and to show off how amazing my mom is (aside from the fact that she also drove me to and from last night's festivities), here are some more pictures:

Gorgeous, right?  For more cardigan-related inspiration, this week Alicia at Woolen Diversions has posted about some new spring cardis, so check those out.

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  1. Oh wow, that cardigan is amazing! Also, what a fun night! It's definitely good to get out sometimes, even if it takes considerable effort to motivate oneself (I get that way, too).