Thursday, April 25, 2013

4KCBWDAY4: Breaking house rules

Here's the problem with me trying to describe which colors I like best: if allowed to continue on, I will eventually list all possible colors.  Because I feel like every color has a time and a place, whether it's an earthy taupe or a bright and sparkly pink.  I'm currently building a collection of fingerless mitts in my cabinets at work in every color, to match whatever outfit I might be wearing that day.  Because it's important to coordinate while I'm typing at my desk or taking notes in a meeting.

But between earthy taupe and bright and sparkly pink, I tend to be drawn towards the later.  I can't help it.  I might be a manatee, but I have peacock tendencies when it comes to color.  This becomes obvious when I go to things like the Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta (I still need to show you my spoils from that!).  I'm always drawn to the most vibrant colors, with bonus points when it's a mix of multiple, hand-painted hues.  Sometimes this is to my detriment, as I end up with beautiful skeins and no idea how to turn them into knitwear.  Particularly when I have so many favorited patterns which have a lovely lace detail, which gets lost in a rainbow of colors.

Looking at my projects page can often be misleading, because many of those were made for someone else in a swap, but I do have a few examples of my taking crazy colors and knitting them into something crazy awesome.  Like my Fabulous Street Urchin Hat:

This yarn called to me during a yarn crawl stop at Gauge in Austin.  It's Dizzy Lettuce Cash Worsted, and I distinctly recall my fellow crawlers telling me, as I agonized over the pile of skeins I was considering, that this was the one they would leave behind if it was up to them.  But I couldn't leave behind the pink and purple.  It's a very simple knit, so the color and the scrunch detail really make it.

And this is a hibernating WIP, but I'm really loving the way a simple stitch is adding texture to the paintball-splattered colorway of this Schmutzerella creation:
The colorway is called 'Are you up for it?' and it was based on the movie '10 Things I Hate About You'.  I try to make my project names referential or witty in some way whenever possible, so this is my Up for Anything Cami.  Or it will be, once I finish it.  Not that I'm a bee, flitting from project to project or anything...

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  1. wow. Both of those look great! Way to pair yarn with patterns!

  2. Super cool hat. The colors and ribbon make it fun.

  3. "Because it's important to coordinate while I'm typing at my desk or taking notes in a meeting." ==> YES.

  4. Oh my gosh that's an amazing hat. It looks lovely on you!