Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Tis better to give

I might not be able to pinpoint too much progress in the meetings that I've had at work for the past few days, but there's one accomplishment I'm very pleased with: my iron levels were high enough to donate blood today!  After being turned away for being one point shy, and missing the last drive because of my then-upcoming marathon, I was kind of looking forward to being able to give blood.

Not that it's particularly fun, being poked with a needle and feeling a little woozy for the rest of the day.  I'd rather be wielding needles myself in my knitting.  But now that I've skipped my yoga class and had dinner, I can just sit on the sofa and knit without going against the mandate against 'strenuous  activity'.

I actually finished my Pretty Pink Plaits the other day, so I'll have another FO Friday this week.  But at my coffee klatch this afternoon I cast on something new which will almost certainly take more than a week to finish.  But it's going to be adorable, even though it doesn't look it now:

What it's going to be is a mr. fox stole my heart, the mini version.  This is going to go in my swap box, assuming I can bear to send it away.  But, as with my own blood, I'm always happy to give!

Do you give blood?  What's your favorite post-donation cookie?  For more WIP Wednesday posts, go to Tami's Amis.


  1. Took a look at your Pretty Pink Cowl project - looking forward to seeing the FO on Friday - great color!!

  2. Tried to give blood as a Senior in high school. They couldn't find a vein and when they did the bag filled with air. Evidently I am a Vampire, I have no blood. Then as an adult I was able to give. They had to get the expert needler to find my vein. Afterwards, I passed out.