Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Cute in progress

In the last six months, I have worn my contacts for two reasons: to go skiing and to get my hair cut.  Those are the two activities that really make me grateful that I can set my glasses aside.  For skiing, it allows me to put on goggles comfortably, and for getting my hair cut, I'm able to see something more that just a vague head-shaped blur in the mirror.

Otherwise, I tend to just be lazy and put glasses on.

So in honor of this special, non-glasses day, and in a transparent display of my so-much-more-nicely-blown-out-than-I-would-ever-do-myself hair, here's me with my work in progress:

Mini Fox Stole My Heart is a body with a tail, and a head.  The next step is adding some legs.  I can sort of see how it's going to be an adorable little fox, but it's going to take a bit of seaming.  Then it will look a little cuter around my neck.

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  1. Your haircut is super adorable! And I'm sure the fox will be, too, once it's slightly more fox-like... :)

  2. Very nice haircut - did you make the sweater you are wearing?

    1. No, the sweater is one of my clearance Kohl's finds, cost me less than the yarn would have, but I would like to give something like that one a try sometime myself!