Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday: A meeting is better than no knitting at all

Sis hours of my workday yesterday was spent in meetings. One of my dad's favorite quips is, 'A meeting is better than no sleep at all.'  In my case, it's better than no knitting time at all.

I'm so glad that my coworkers understand that I can listen and contribute to a meeting while knitting at the same time.  Because really, it's no different than doodling, and there's actually been research that that can help improve your concentration and memory in a meeting (or anywhere else for that matter) so you retain more information.  Instead of using a pen to make pretty swirls or checkerboards (my two most common doodles), I use my needles to knit something pretty.

At least that way I know that something productive came out of all of that time.  Just kidding!  Sort of.  Anyway, while I hope that we're a few steps closer to the elusive dream that is configuration management, I know that I'm nearly done with the three-color stripe section of my Affection-ite:

Let me tell you, those short rows are really not all that short anymore.  But I'm about half a dozen stripes away from just needing to knit the final block of blue border.  And I really like how this is turning out.  It certainly evokes the inspiration malachite and azurite:

Unlike work projects, this knit project might actually finish up earlier than expected, yay!

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  1. Those colors are so spot on! And I hear you on meetings, it's where I get much of my knitting done!