Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WIP Wednesday: A post- post- post- post

I'm back from my whirlwind trip to Phoenix, and still settling into the day-to-day of being post-race, post-vacation, and post-Ravellenics.  All of these things that I anticipated and planned for for weeks or months in advance have now passed, and it's on to the next set of goals to look forward to.  But for this week, at least, I'm happy to spend some time in limbo.

I did my first real run since the marathon this evening on the treadmill at the gym, and it felt good.  But it was strange to not have a distance mandated to me and to just go as long as I wanted to, basically until it was time to go meet my dad for dinner.  I'll probably start joining some group exercise classes and venturing beyond the treadmill, but again, I'm enjoying a little unstructured, non-training time.

I may have crossed the marathon finish line, but I didn't quite cross the Ravellenics finish line in the way I had originally intended.  Originally, I had wanted to finish my pair of Sochi Socki.  I was hopeful when I was packing up on Thursday night, making sure to bring all of the notions that I would need to finish up the second sock.

I even made it through security with the most 'threatening' knitting needles possible: metal DPNs.  While circulars could be used as a strangulation device, there's something particularly stabby about metal DPNs that makes me want to avoid bringing them anywhere they might be viewed as a security threat.  But thankfully the TSA was knit-friendly and didn't seem to give them a second glance.

On the flight to Phoenix I completed the leg of my sock, but by the end of Friday night I had pretty much accepted that I wasn't going to be able to turn the heel and complete the rest of the foot.  And I guess because I was trading that in for going to visit gorgeous gardens and scenic ghost towns, it didn't devastate me all that much.  And I was still able to submit my first sock as part of the side country challenge for projects that don't fit in anywhere else.  It may not have its mate yet, but it's still my first sock, and an achievement unto itself.

Just because the deadline has passed doesn't mean that I'm going to slow down too much in trying to finish the pair, though.  I managed to turn the heel while on the flight back, and am now making my way through the foot:

I love how my project bag matches the colors on the yarn, and I also love the short bursts of color on the yarn, because there's no real pooling of any colors that makes the heel stand out.

And as for being post-vacation, well, I'll be posting some pictures from a very inspiring Phoenix this Saturday, so stay tuned.

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  1. Your first sock looks GREAT! What is the green rice crispy treat business in the photo with your sock? mentioned if a few blogs back, but I don't see the details? :)

    1. Thanks! And it's like you read my mind, I finally finished it up and posted it today, Cotton Candy Cookie Fudge Bars! Isn't the color great?

  2. Nice progress! I feel like once I'm past the heel of the second sock I just knit knit knit b/c I can't wait to finish.