Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WIP Wednesday: It's time to ply

Yet again, I've made a random movie reference in my post title.  This one should be read like a lost boy about to try various ways to turn a grown-up Peter into a flying Pan again, a la 'Hook'.  Onto the post!  Last night, I finally spun the last bit of fiber fluff into a single ply.  And I continue to marvel at the art deco gorgeousness that is a neatly-wrapped cop:

I'm so close to finishing this yarn, I can taste it.  Except not really, because I don't think my mom wants me licking her handspun.  Blood, sweat, and tears go into handmade items, but not saliva.  I will reserve my licking for frozen yogurt.

I'm hoping I can get this plied and finished over the weekend.  I'm planning to do a simple two-ply technique, pulling from the outside and inside of the center-pull created by my spindle.  The main reason I like this is because you know that you're going to have two even ends to ply together, you aren't going to end up with one that's six inches longer than the other.

It would be really nice to get this done, not just to have the yarn to finally give to my mom, but to allow me extra time to hopefully finish my cardigan by the end of this month.  Because I'm finding myself really tempted to participate in the swap I'm moderating that will start spoiling in September.  It's called Alphabet Soup, and the idea is that everyone will get the name of someone to spoil, and a letter to theme their package around.  So they'll be making packages 'brought to you by the letter __'.  It's already inspiring lots of ideas, these swaps can be the most fun because they're a puzzle in and of themselves.

But first, I have to put the final pieces together of this yarn.

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  1. Such pretty yarn! I love Hook. I still have to stop and watch it every time it is on tv.

  2. Lovely colors! Hook is also one of my favorites! Have fun plying! :)

  3. That yarn really looks amazing! It makes me want to get a turkish spindle so I can have pretty cops, too...