Saturday, August 24, 2013

Inspiration Saturday: Patterns for my fabric stash

Since last week, I haven't actually sewn a stitch of my new fabric stash, but I have made some progress towards being someone who sews.  Mostly by collecting patterns and looking at the pictures.

I picked up two basic-looking patterns from Half Price Books last Sunday, but didn't find any pattern books worth investing in.  I did find Jonathan Franzen's Freedom on clearance for $1 so I grabbed that and have started reading it.  As a person, I'm not sure I like him, but so far as I writer I do, so I'm trying to focus on that.  'Don Quixote' is in reading hibernation for the moment.

I've found many more patterns online.  First I found a group of fellow sewing enthusiasts on Ravelry, and from them I found some great links to skirt patterns.  I've also done random searches of Google and stumbled upon highly educational Pinterest pages.  I'm so close to taking the leap with Pinterest, but so far I'm just bookmarking things and avoiding the craft enabling that that site is.

Here are a few of the projects I've found myself drawn to:

  • Proof that a simple quilt can be sewn from a fellow blogger at the fickle pickle.  This also has a great link to another tutorial about quilting, which I'll probably use as a resource for when I make my own.  Except I'm using a variation inspired by Polkadot Chair's brick quilt.
  • I really like the idea of this kimono top, but I wonder if it could possibly look as nice in reality, or if it would just turn out like a huge sack.
  • This party skirt from Creative Spaces is just too, too cute.  I have to make it.
  • A cute little mini book tote, probably too mini for 'Freedom', seeing as it's a 562-page hardcover.

So now I have the stash, and I have some patterns, all I need are the actual skills!

For more inspiration, check out the new home of Woolen Diversions.

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  1. How cute that little quilt is! I suspect the kimono top miiiight end up just looking like a pillow or something. The party skirt and tote are wonderful, though! This is going to sound crazy coming from a knitter/spinner but sewing seems like it takes so much patience...