Saturday, August 10, 2013

Inspiration Saturday: Strictly Ballroom knits

On Monday I wrote my first Monday Movie Madness post, extolling the virtues of Baz Luhrmann's first film, 'Strictly Ballroom'.  I toyed with the idea of adding, along with my review, a pattern to go with the movie.  In the end, I didn't just because I was eager to push 'Publish', so I'm returning to that idea now and looking at just a few patterns that have that little bit of flair for the dance floor.

Photo credit: Qiwen Heng
Why did collars never occur to me as a way to use novelty sequin yarn?  Now the next time I see some in a clearance bin, I'm going to snatch it up!  And the pattern is written in an interesting way as well.  I might try it out just on 'normal' yarn in a crazy variegated colorway, it seems like a great way to use up short yardage.  And I could always add my own bling since I'm now in love with beads as well.

Photo credit: Artwear Publications
Another stashbuster for leftover yarn that can accommodate my addiction to crazy colorways.  This comes from a back issue of Yarn Magazine, an Australian publication.

Photo credit: Yarns in the Farms (from their flickr)
A knitted skirt you can twirl in will always inspire love from me.  In fact, any skirt that twirls when you spin in it makes me happy.  Because in more ways than one I will always be a little girl playing dress up and make believe.

I think the lesson from Baz's movies that can we can apply to knitting are to embrace every over-the-top tendency you have.  Knit in as many wacky colors or sparkles as make you happy and smile with every stitch.  And don't be afraid to 'make up your own dance moves' and alter patterns.  A life knit in fear is a live half lived!

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  1. Wow, sequins! I've wondered about what to knit with sequined yarn...