Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cubicle kitchen: Cornmeal Cookies

Wednesday is a day of contradiction, because in the same afternoon I bring in a tasty baked good I also go visit the gym.  I make these worlds not collide because I also give the trainer at the gym one of the leftover treats.  There has to be a reward for all that working out, right?

Along with the fact that my cakes and cookies are generally only good for your soul and not so much for your body, she's always chiding me for not making something gluten-free.  She's recently discovered that she's sensitive to gluten, so I'm not only tempting her with fat and sugar, but also gluten.  Obviously she's not completely intolerant, I'm not actually trying to do her harm.

Anyway, I was sorry to report to her that yet again my treat was not gluten free.  It does, however, essentially swap half of a cup of all-purpose flour with corn meal, so it's...gluten-lesser?  That's not the reason these cookies are made with corn meal, however.  The courser meal gives the cookies a sandy texture, and they are almost shortbread-like.  It may well be the simplest treat I've made in a while, but it was no less tasty.

Cornmeal Cookies
Recipe from Bake or Break: Cornmeal Cookies

My notes:
  • I ended up with 27 cookies rather than the full 30, just because I guess I'm a generous tablespoon-er.
  • Otherwise, that's it!  I just followed Heather's great directions, plus an extra sprinkling of cornmeal on top.

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