Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Enjoying fiber in the buff

Titillated?  Well, so was I, but mostly by the awesome buffalo yarn that I found at Kid 'N Ewe fiber festival this past weekend.  See what I did there?  Just a little fiber humor to start you off.

Every year, yarn events just get better and better around here.  This year in Boerne, there were even more indie dyers with yarn and fiber that I just had to squoosh.  I ended up walking away with five new skeins for my stash.  Two came from Knitting Rose, a 10% bison yarn that was really intriguing.  Apparently it gets softer as you use and wash it, and it's super-warm.  That's one reason that she said she sticks to 10%, because any more and it might just cause a Texas knitter to burst into flames.  Plus, it allows her to keep the colors vibrant, which I love.  So I got one skein that was a mix of brown and fuschia, and another with brown and teal.  Never tried it before, but now I'm planning on striping up some mitts, and probably a matching shawl or cowl.

The rest of the damage was with Heavenly Fiber.  I met these guys first at Yellow Rose earlier this year, and I was on the lookout to see them again.  We missed them in our first loop of the vendors, but finally spotted them, and I'm so glad we did.  She had lots of her gorgeous sparkly yarn, which I bought last time, and sparkly batts, which I haven't tried yet.  Next time.  What I did get this time around was a skein of worsted weight, a fingering tweed in a Firefly-inspired colorway, and a cake of deep red yarn that progressively will get darker.  It's going to be a gorgeous shawl.

There are some pics in my Examiner article.  Sorry, not too many of the specific yarns, I'll have more once I've actually knitted some of these things up.  If you happen to be one of my Texas readers, I highly recommend stopping by for next year's event.  And if not, I highly recommend taking a peek at these two online stores in particular.  They are making some beautiful things and they are also great people.

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