Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Best foot (and ear) forward

As I mentioned on Saturday, I finally made the leap from staring at my spinning wheel to actually spinning yarn on it.  I am now on Day Four of being a wheel spinner, following my instructor's guidance like a good little student and spinning just a little bit each day to build the muscle memory.  Here are the results:

Though I'm not completely comfortable yet, I am really enjoying how much faster it all seems to be on the wheel versus the spindle.  It helps to have had the spindle experience, though, because I already get the concepts of drafting and twist, I just have to add my feet into the process.  I think I'm going to need to replace the drive band very soon as well because mine is a little stretchy, so I need to figure out how to do that.  Preferably one that is pre-done as opposed to one that I have to measure, cut, and fuse.  That scares me.

I don't know if I was feeling empowered by my new skill or had just reached the limit of letting a WIP hibernate, but I also picked my Mini Fox Stole My Heart again and finally gave him his second leg:
Then I also knit his two little ears:
The next step will be to sew his head together, attach the ears and stitch on the nose detail.  And, of course, attach the head to the body.  I did use a meeting on Monday to weave in all of the ends I've created on the body so far, so I'm a step ahead there.  Which is just as well, since as you can see, I've created a whole new slew of ends with the head and ears.

Speaking of animal extremities, my Mittacles have all of their tentacles, with just a few rows left until it's time to rib:
So even though nothing is quite done, I feel like I've been productive this week, craft-wise.  How about you?  For more WIP Wednesday posts, go to Tami's Amis.

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  1. Your mitts are looking fabulous! And having spindle experience is definitely helpful when learning the wheel.