Saturday, November 16, 2013

Inspiration Saturday: Cowl Swap Grand Opening

I feel like I haven't been able to really dedicate the kind of consideration I usually do to my blog posts since NaNoWriMo started, sorry about that.  Somehow I've managed to fit in writing 1,667 words into each day while still working, knitting, and running, but my blogging has become somewhat rudimentary.  I'm still thinking of you all though and trying to share what I can.

I need to show you some goodies from a fiber festival last week, but that will involve some photo loading and entering stash into Ravelry first, so instead I want to show you what I was allowed to finally open after running my ten miles this morning: my cowl swap package!  I mentioned it a couple of times in my WIP Wednesday posts (here and here, for instance), it was a very basic swap, to include a cowl and some nominal extra goodies.

I'll save what I sent off myself for an FO Friday post, but here is what I was the lucky recipient of.  First, the cowl itself:

And then, the British candies my spoiler also sent me, including some local specialties:

Isn't the cowl lacy and gorgeous?  The poor thing had to endure a trans-Atlantic mailing journey, so forgive it's slight rumpledness.  And forgive my own slight rumpledness in this photo of me wearing it, I was fresh from my post-run shower and just so excited to try it on and show it off:

The pattern is Glimpse Maxi Cowl by Jane Sowerby, it was published in Issue 38 of The Knitter.  It's a delicate lace weight that I think is going to be perfect for the holiday season, especially with the red yarn having a bit of sparkle to it.  It adds a lovely touch without a lot of bulk, and drapes nicely over the shoulders.

It's always so much fun both to give and to receive in these swaps, even if I am going to have to admit to people when they compliment me on this that no, I didn't knit it myself.

Alright, I hope I have inspired you enough.  Although, even if I have, you should still go to Woolen Diversions for more.

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